Thank you!

Over the past seven months, and especially the past five weeks, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people in every corner of the Pontiac riding. Inspiring people who care about the future of their community.

So you won't be surprised if I tell you that I highly appreciated this campaign experience, even if the outcome was disappointing.

I chose to campaign on local issues because I firmly believe that a Member of Parliament must first serve his or her constituents. This is why I have addressed issues that are sometimes delicate but always important, such as the Chalk River nuclear landfill site, the Gatineau tramway project, the future of the Alexandra Bridge, the future of the Maniwaki SOPFEU, the relationship between the National Capital Commission and the municipalities, and the impact of Bill 96 on the English-speaking communities.

I also chose to run a clean campaign. I was not running against other candidates. Rather, I was running for the citizens of Pontiac, with values and commitments to share. They have made their choice and this must be respected.

Thank you to those who supported and encouraged me in this campaign, thank you to the citizens of Pontiac.

A comprehensive guide to help you
make your choice on Sept. 20th

Here are some important issues for the Pontiac riding and the known position of the Conservative and Liberal parties on each of them

Gatineau Tramway Project

guide conservateur enFor the Conservative candidates, this is the number one priority for transportation in Gatineau

guide liberalFor the Liberals, one candidate prefers a 6th bridge, another prefers the tramway and we don't know the opinion of the third

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In panic, Liberals rely on
a campaign of fear and lies

With the election just days away, the Liberals, including those in Pontiac County, are in such a panic that they have opted for a campaign of fear and lies to voters, especially public service employees. This is unfortunate. Because here we are leaving a civilized debate and sinking into lies and manipulation of public opinion.

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A wind of change is blowing on
Pontiac County.
I invite you to to be part of it

porte a porte gatineau

There are only a few days left in the campaign leading up to the September 20th election to elect the new Member of Parliament for Pontiac.

It is with great pride that I have been involved in this race since last February. A lot of pride for my part of the country, where I was born, where I grew up and where I have always worked.

I am also proud of and grateful for all the support and words of encouragement that you have sent me.

A wind of change is blowing through Pontiac County and I invite you all to be a part of it.

Your support is important. In fact, it has never been more important because it will make the difference next Monday in the election of the new Member of Parliament for Pontiac.

What I am offering you is my full and total involvement, as of September 21st, in order to change things, to make a difference for the better, for the region and for the entire Pontiac riding.

What I offer you is a strong voice and serious leadership.

A voice that will not be silenced when the issues are important and sensitive.

A voice that all citizens in every corner of the county can always count on.

That is the heart of my commitment.

priorites 2 e volet en

Commitments to break RCMs
out of historic poverty

GATINEAU (Tuesday, September 7, 2021) - Getting the Pontiac and Gatineau Valley RCMs out of poverty will be the daily challenge to which the Conservative candidate in Pontiac, Michel Gauthier, is committed. He has just completed a series of consultations with the wardens of Pontiac, Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and Collines de l'Outaouais RCMs.

"For more than 50 years, people have been saying that the rural sectors of the Outaouais are poor. Currently, Pontiac and Vallée-de-la-Gatineau MRCs rank 96th and 102nd out of 104 RCMs on the economic vitality index published by the Quebec government. This is unacceptable."

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priorites 01 en

First part of the unveilling
of my commitments and priorities

GATINEAU (Wednesday, August 18, 2021) - The priorities and issues that are attracting attention in the Pontiac riding are numerous and diverse, just like this great riding.

Pontiac is six districts of a large urban city to the south and rural MRCs to the west and north. In between, the MRC des Collines enjoys both urban and rural advantages.

The issues are very different when talking to a stakeholder in the Gatineau Valley or Pontiac than when talking to a citizen in the Plateau sector or the Limbour sector in Gatineau.

For this reason, the unveiling of my commitments and priorities is done in two parts.

Today, I am addressing the issues that affect the City of Gatineau in particular, but also, because of its proximity, the MRC des Collines.

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Tramway at the top of the Conservative agenda in Gatineau

tramwayGATINEAU (Wednesday, May 12, 2021) - The federal government should open its eyes more, stop dithering and do its part in the West Gatineau tramway project, said Michel Gauthier, Conservative Party regional critic in the Outaouais and candidate in the Pontiac riding.

He was reacting to the announcement today of the choice of the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) regarding the details of this issue.

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The Alexandra Bridge,
a rich heritage

pont alexandra mg

Lunch on the Alexandra Bridge in 2017 as part of the confederation 150th anniversary celebrations
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pont alexandra verticalThere is a growing chorus of voices calling for the preservation of the Alexandra Bridge, a 120-year-old heritage landmark in the Capital Region that is being considered for demolition by the federal government.

Defending our heritage

Among these voices is Heritage Ottawa, which created the Alexandra Bridge Coalition, which includes the Société d'histoire de l'Outaouais and the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.

It is hard to imagine this bridge disappearing from the Outaouais landscape.


The National Capital Commission has already held the first in a series of consultations last fall, with more to come in the 2021-2025 planning phase.

Lunch on the bridge

This bridge is not only a historical treasure, it is also a symbol, a link between the two founding communities of the country. In 2017, Ottawa and Gatineau, along with Quebec and Ontario, met on the bridge for Canada's 150th anniversary luncheon.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to have lunch on the bridge again, during our 200th anniversary celebrations.


emplois fonctionnaires

« Public servants are
part of the solution »

Gatineau - Monday, May 3rd ) Concerns about job stability in the region's public service remain, two weeks after the tabling of the last federal budget, according to Michel Gauthier, Conservative Party critic for the Outaouais region and candidate in Pontiac.

The main threat to public service jobs, in his opinion, is the current government's tendency to run out of control deficits with no plan to return to a balanced budget.

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pepiniere mg

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Storming the Greenhouses

What a great weekend to storm the region's garden centers. Flower baskets and baskets of cherry tomatoes and strawberries, tomato plants, cauliflower, lettuce and cucumber plants. I took another day off from politics and did my spring shopping. Throughout Pontiac County and the Outaouais region, our garden centers people and horticulturists, like Yves, Jocelyne and Chantal, of La Pépinière Haute-Gatineau in Egan-sud, are working hard to get our vegetable gardens or landscaping going again. On my side, I will have to make the difference between a tomato plant and a tomato box. I needed three plants and I left with three boxes... which contained four plants each. So, if you stop by my place this summer, you'll probably leave with a small basket of tomatoes.

Two heroes who saved lives

(April 29) Kevin Simonneau and Isabelle Gilbert, two police officers from the Gatineau Police Department, who were then working for the Service de police de la MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais, received the Croix de bravoure from the Quebec government, the highest decoration awarded to a police officer. In January 2018, these two heroes saved a mother and her four-month-old baby trapped in a house fire. For this act of bravery, they deserve our admiration. We have a police officer in our family and I know how difficult it can be for them. So, when their courage allows them to save lives, we can only mention it with admiration.

deux héros

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What is Canada Revenue Agency waiting for ?

(April 16th) Taxpayers and accountants need a delay in filing tax returns again this year. Yet the Canada Revenue Agency is currently ignoring this need. Accountants in the Pontiac and Outaouais are overwhelmed and many will not be able to file personal income tax returns on time. Despite repeated requests, the Canada Revenue Agency has not yet agreed to extend the April 30 deadline for filing returns and making payments for the year 2020. Accounting firms would like to see the deadline extended to May 30, as Revenu Quebec has just done, and even to June 30. Because of COVID-19, client documents are coming in slowly and, in addition, many employees have to perform their duties from home, not to mention those who have tested positive for COVID-19. Difficulties in recruiting new employees are also adding to the picture.

About the photo of Will Amos naked in his office

michel gauthier2(April 14th 2021)  The rather unusual news spread like wildfire in the evening throughout the media and on social networks: a photo of the liberal MP for Pontiac, naked in his office in the House of Commons. Despite the absurdity of the situation, I do not intend to comment on this event. I agreed to run as a Conservative candidate in order to offer the citizens of Pontiac and the Outaouais a new voice and serious leadership in Ottawa. I remain committed to that goal. What we are most concerned about at this time is defeating the COVID-19 pandemic, getting the region's economy back on its feet and offering all our citizens hope that we can put forward viable solutions for our future.

Health before election


PONTIAC ( Tuesday, March 9th 2021) - "I'm ready to start campaigning today across the Pontiac, but the health and safety of the citizens is more important at this time than a hasty election call. Vaccinations before the votes," said Michel Gauthier, the Conservative Party candidate in Pontiac and spokesperson for the Outaouais region.

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Bravo to CISSSO and APTS

The vaccination campaign has started off on the right foot in the Pontiac and Outaouais and the feedback is very positive. Congratulations to CISSSO for its preparation work. The reservation system is giving excellent results. Congratulations also to the Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux (APTS-Outaouais) and to the CEO Josée Filion for their joint communiqué in the hope of encouraging more health care workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. That's what we call putting priorities in the right place. And my message remains the same: health and vaccination before the election.

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womens day

March 8th: Tribute to the women who make a difference in our political life

Did you know that the three MRCs of the federal riding of Pontiac and three of the six electoral districts of the City of Gatineau that are also part of the riding, have elected women to head them? And that 19 of the municipalities are headed by women mayors? Through their involvement, they are a reflection of the progression of women's place in politics.

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11 marsNational day of remembrance for victims of covid 19

On March 11, it will be exactly one year since the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. The Government of Québec will take advantage of this national day of commemoration to honour the deceased and highlight the dedication of the staff of the health network and priority services, who accompanied the families in their mourning.

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A lack of respect for public service workers

The Liberal administration is showing a flagrant lack of good faith towards federal public service workers. This government is taking back with one hand what it pretended to give with the other.

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Vaccination Campaign : this is no time for petty politics

Quebec's vaccination strategy against VIDOC-19 was necessitated by the federal government's inability to provide sufficient doses to the provinces in a timely manner.

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Statement at the announcement of the candidacy

I was born, raised and lived in Pontiac County and I am a citizen of the Outaouais.

When Gatineau Valley, Pontiac and the Collines de l'Outaouais MRCs are calling for high-speed Internet, it concerns me. I am living this situation myself.

When the residents of the Plateau sector or the Limbour district in Gatineau are wondering about the planning of public transit and the link between Gatineau and Ottawa, or about jobs in the public service, it concerns me. I have experienced the same situation.

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